Pickup/Delivery Service

Attention To Detail offers pickup and delivery services within the Ohio County Area, for only $10. We know how busy life can be so we make it easy to get your vehicle detailed with a hassle-free pick up and delivery service. Spend your free time wisely and let Attention To Detail coordinate and maintain your vehicle car care logistics without any hassle. Within 24-hours your vehicle can be picked up, detailed and delivered same day. Give us a call to schedule a pick or delivery today!

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Auto Detailing Service Guideline

Before dropping off your vehicle:
  1. If your service appointment includes an interior detail, remove as much loose rubbish as possible. Our interior detail includes all center consoles, door pockets, etc., please have those cleaned out as much as possible.
  2. If your service includes an interior detail, it is highly recommended to remove all personal & vanity items, especially electronic devices. Any remaining items will bagged and placed in the vehicle at the completion of service. *It is important to note that we cannot reinstall childrens car seats so please remove them from the vehicle and/or have them ready to pull out of the vehicle.*
  3. For employee safety during an interior detail, we ask that you remove all firearms and large knives
  4. During an interior detail, any item(s) deemed, suspicious, vulgar, unsafe, etc., will result in all work being halted on the vehicle until the vehicle owner personally removes the aforementioned item(s).

Project Image
The average American is figured to spend at least 1.5 hours inside their vehicle everyday. The interior of a vehicle is often times one of the most unhealthiest enviroments a person is exposed to. This is proven by the fact the average American vehicle interior can contain ten times the amount of Volatile Organic Compound than found in the average household.

That is why we use a 320-degree vapor steamer AND a 210-degree heated water extractor to steam and shampoo all the carpet and upholstery in automotive interiors.